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Model 284 Podcast: Hockey Translation Factors and Peter Lindblad Interview

In this episode of the Model 284 podcast, we catch you up on everything going on at Model 284, breakdown our Hockey League Translations Model, and interview professional hockey player Peter Lindblad to discuss analytics in hockey, professional hockey in Europe, Sunday punting, and more.

Hockey League Translation Factors: Methodology

I. Introduction

If you didn’t know, there are a lot of people in the world—7.6 billion to be exact! There are also a lot of people that play hockey. As a result, there are a lot of hockey leagues in the world. Wow. Okay, moving on… The National Hockey League (NHL) is seen as the premier hockey league in the world, but players don’t start their hockey career in the NHL, and most never make it to the NHL. Some would argue that it is possible to have a successful and prosperous hockey career even if you never play in the NHL. In this article, I attempt to quantify the differences between these leagues; more specifically, translating individual player production from one league to the next. This would allow us to say things such as Tony Cameranesi registered 50 points in 50 games, or 1.0 point per game, in the NCAA, thus you would expect him to produce xx amount in the AHL, yy amount in the KHL, zz amount in the NHL, etc.

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2017-18 NHL Playoff Bracket

Below is our Model 284 consensus bracket for the 2017-18 NHL Playoffs as well as some Model Factoids. As you will see from our first round Predictions and playoff simulation results, we do not necessarily pick the model’s predicted winner for every single game, but use all available information (e.g. injuries, areas model might be lacking, etc.) to make the best prediction on each series.

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My Model Monday: DIII Men’s MIAC Hockey Rankings

In my first ever My Model Monday, I wanted to get back to my roots: ice hockey and St. Olaf College. For those who don’t know, I used to play ice hockey (sometimes) and did so at St. Olaf College; therefore, I figured it would be fun to bring some analysis to a sport and level that is rarely covered: Division III Men’s Ice Hockey.
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2017 Stanley Cup Finals

Well, the Nashville Predators have done it again. Against all odds (or at least the Model’s odds), the Preds have punched their ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals, where they will meet the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. While Nashville has continually defied logic by beating the Model, in their toughest test yet, the Model has them as heavy underdogs once again.

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