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A Non Model Based Minnesota Wild Season Preview

Okay Wild fans it’s that time of year. The time of year where we look at our roster, put on a brave face, and convince ourselves that this team can win a playoff series. Will it happen? Almost certainly not, but Marian Gaborik ain’t walking through that door any time soon, so we might as well reach deep into our hearts and minds and force ourselves to believe that we have enough talent up front to be a relevant NHL team in the 2018-2019 season. Is our top returning goal scorer turning 34 this month? Maybe he is, maybe he’s not. Age is just a number. Is the average age of our top two centers over 34? See above answer. Do we have almost exactly the same team we’ve had for the last six years? The team that has made it to the playoffs each of those last six years and won two playoff series? More or less, yes we do. None of this sounds good on paper, but as Minnesota Sports Fans it is our duty to ignore all signs of disaster and forge ahead with the most positive, if not delusional outlook we can manage. The general consensus amongst hockey pundits and fans is that the Wild will be one of, if not the, most boring team this year–and honestly, I don’t disagree. There is nothing about the Wild that screams “must watch.” Their best players aren’t exactly show stoppers. The closest things they have to gamebreakers are probably Zucker and Granlund and there are about 15 guys in the Central Division alone that I’d rather watch in a vacuum than those two. I don’t think anyone is paying top dollar to watch Koivu and Staal slow the game down (although Stubhub shows otherwise) and Suter might be the hardest top tier defensemen to watch in NHL history. It’s the same goddamn team they’ve trotted out for the last six years for christ’s sake. Sure those six years have all been playoff years but there is absolutely nothing about this team that should make anyone expect a legitimate playoff run this year. That being said, the Wild should be competitive in a very deep Central division. They don’t have the dynamic players that some of the top end teams have but they have a shit ton of depth at forward and defense and they’re experienced in terms of regular season success, so who the hell knows. They only thing I know for sure is that it’s going to be a long, long season, regardless of whether it ends after 82 games, or like 87 games… Continue reading A Non Model Based Minnesota Wild Season Preview

Hammer The Over: the Boys are Back, and so is Football

The Boys return from their summer hiatus just in time for Football season to get underway. With a pivotal matchup in Green Bay for Week 2, the guys discuss their first glance of the new look Vikings under Kirk Cousins, and set expectations for the early matchup with Aaron Rodgers and the mouth breathing Packers fans behind him. Did one of the HTO guys predict a tie in Green Bay?? Listen and find out…

Hammer The Over: Burner Accounts and LBJ

Tom is back from his year long trip to Vegas to resume his position as the conductor of the LeBron James fanboy bus. The guys break down the NBA and NFL finals and take a deep dive into the world of burner twitter accounts.

Hammer The Over: NBA, NHL and MJ vs LeBron

Evan and Fred take on the NBA and NHL conference finals while Tom gallivants around Vegas for another weekend getaway. The guys complain about everyone talking MJ vs LeBron which leads directly into an MJ vs LeBron debate. Evan and Fred also both pitch their newest business ideas to any entrepreneurs who may be looking to invest.

Hammer The Over Sports, Denny’s and Vegas

The guys talk NFL Draft, Wolves and Wild making their early exits, drama in the NBA, and whether or not anyone cares about the World Cup with the US Team watching from their couches. Plus, Fred nearly gets murdered at a Denny’s and Evan recaps the bachelor party in Vegas.

Hammer The Over Spike Lee and Playoffs in Minnesota

The guys wrap up March madness by asking the question nobody else is: what is Spike Lee famous for? Tom and Evan try to convince themselves that the Wolves could win a playoff series while Fred has given up all hope for the Wild after the Suter injury. Evan explains why he doesn’t like talking sports at work and everyone is relieved that they didn’t have social media when they were in 7th grade.

Freelance Friday: Is Winter the Grittiest Season?

The short answer to that question is yes, yes Winter is by far the grittiest month. The reason this question is being posed in the first place is because we in the northern states are currently getting fisted by Winter even though we are technically over a week into Spring. Winter is scratching and clawing well out of its jurisdiction for every inch it can. Winter is the Matthew Dellavedova of seasons. Diving for loose balls on the floor. Playing lockdown D. Not letting Spring get any unearned space towards the basket. Winter has a wide base in the paint, boxing Spring out of any rebounds on both ends of the floor. Winter is at the bottom of every post-fumble dogpile this side of the Mason Dixon line. Winter is the late round pick that the coaching staff just can’t ignore any longer. It’s worked its ass off in the off-season workouts, routinely making the sexier, more talented seasons look foolish in practice. At first the coaches could write it off as the high drafted seasons of Summer and Spring simply having off days. Winter wanted it more in practice, sure, but when the games counted, the talent of the warmer seasons would shine through. Not the case. Continue reading Freelance Friday: Is Winter the Grittiest Season?

Hammer The Over Kirk and March Madness

Captain Kirk is coming to Minnesota and the NFL season can’t get here soon enough. With March Madness looking, the guys breakdown their model-less bracket philosophies. Everyone is cautiously optimistic about the Wild and Wolves as we head towards the playoffs and Tom gives his two cents on raising disciplined children.

Hammer The Over Back From Super Bowl Hiatus

The guys are back after a post super bowl hiatus to discuss all things Kirk Cousins. Jimmy Butler has a torn meniscus but Evan and Tom think the Wolves can tread water until he returns. Fred talks about the white hot Wild and the guys do 5 minutes of research on muscle atrophy diseases.