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Hammer The Over: the Boys are Back, and so is Football

The Boys return from their summer hiatus just in time for Football season to get underway. With a pivotal matchup in Green Bay for Week 2, the guys discuss their first glance of the new look Vikings under Kirk Cousins, and set expectations for the early matchup with Aaron Rodgers and the mouth breathing Packers fans behind him. Did one of the HTO guys predict a tie in Green Bay?? Listen and find out…

Model 284 Podcast: NBA Draft Models Big Board

With the NBA Draft less than a week, Sam and Marc go through ESPN / DX Express’s top 10 NBA Draft Prospects and what our Models are saying about them. Also, Sam and Marc give their top 10 ranked prospects combining all aspects of our Draft Models and other considerations not directly captured by the Models.

Hammer The Over: Burner Accounts and LBJ

Tom is back from his year long trip to Vegas to resume his position as the conductor of the LeBron James fanboy bus. The guys break down the NBA and NFL finals and take a deep dive into the world of burner twitter accounts.

Model 284 Podcast: NBA Draft Models

On this episode of the Model 284 Podcast, Sam and Marc are joined by fellow Model 284er Jack Werner to give some background on our NBA Draft models, discuss draft theory and positional value, and look a bit at the 2018 draft class.

Model 284 Podcast: Hockey Translation Factors and Peter Lindblad Interview

In this episode of the Model 284 podcast, we catch you up on everything going on at Model 284, breakdown our Hockey League Translations Model, and interview professional hockey player Peter Lindblad to discuss analytics in hockey, professional hockey in Europe, Sunday punting, and more.

Hammer The Over: NBA, NHL and MJ vs LeBron

Evan and Fred take on the NBA and NHL conference finals while Tom gallivants around Vegas for another weekend getaway. The guys complain about everyone talking MJ vs LeBron which leads directly into an MJ vs LeBron debate. Evan and Fred also both pitch their newest business ideas to any entrepreneurs who may be looking to invest.

Hammer The Over Sports, Denny’s and Vegas

The guys talk NFL Draft, Wolves and Wild making their early exits, drama in the NBA, and whether or not anyone cares about the World Cup with the US Team watching from their couches. Plus, Fred nearly gets murdered at a Denny’s and Evan recaps the bachelor party in Vegas.

Hammer The Over Spike Lee and Playoffs in Minnesota

The guys wrap up March madness by asking the question nobody else is: what is Spike Lee famous for? Tom and Evan try to convince themselves that the Wolves could win a playoff series while Fred has given up all hope for the Wild after the Suter injury. Evan explains why he doesn’t like talking sports at work and everyone is relieved that they didn’t have social media when they were in 7th grade.

Model 284 Podcast: Final Four and Coach Koz Interview

On the fourth episode of the Model 284 Podcast, we dig into our model’s predictions for the final four and we are joined by St. Olaf Men’s Basketball Coach Dan Kosmoski to talk all things basketball, including his perspective on how the game has changed over the years, his coaching strategies, and more.

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