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Model 284 Podcast: Hockey Translation Factors and Peter Lindblad Interview

In this episode of the Model 284 podcast, we catch you up on everything going on at Model 284, breakdown our Hockey League Translations Model, and interview professional hockey player Peter Lindblad to discuss analytics in hockey, professional hockey in Europe, Sunday punting, and more.

Model 284 Podcast: Final Four and Coach Koz Interview

On the fourth episode of the Model 284 Podcast, we dig into our model’s predictions for the final four and we are joined by St. Olaf Men’s Basketball Coach Dan Kosmoski to talk all things basketball, including his perspective on how the game has changed over the years, his coaching strategies, and more.

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Model 284 Podcast: Sweet 16 Matchups

In the third episode of the Model 284 Podcast, Sam Walczak and Marc Richards recap this past weekend of madness, go through our models’ predictions for the Sweet 16 matchups, and cover our probabilities for each team moving forward in the tournament.

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Model 284 Podcast: March Madness Bracket Analysis

In this episode of the Model 284 Podcast, Sam Walczak and Marc Richards break down our models’ march madness predictions including win probabilities, spreads, totals, and everything you need to know for filling out your bracket. Additionally, Sam and Marc give their sales pitch on why you should use Model 284 when filling out your bracket which includes insights into how we build our models and what is unique about Model 284 March Madness predictions.

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Model 284 Podcast: Episode 1

We are happy to introduce another podcast in the Model 284 family. This podcast is hosted by Marc Richards and Sam Walczak and will focus on sports analytics, providing a deeper dive into the work being done at Model 284, and serving as another platform to share our work. The Model 284 podcast is presented by Wallace Carlson Printing.

On the inaugural episode, we give a brief history of how Model 284 came to be, the work we have done so far, and what you can expect to get out of this podcast. Next, we discuss some of the recent content at Model 284 (including a quick preview of March Madness), touch on a few hot topics in the sports analytics world, give our advanced stats of the week, and finish with some NFL combine hypotheticals.

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