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2020 Peak NBA Statline Projection Model

Peak NBA Statline Projection (PNSP) is a model used to project NBA success for college and International basketball players. PNSP considers each player’s individual and team statistics, physical measurements, high school scouting ranking, and age/experience. The PNSP model returns a single rating value from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating a “better” NBA prospect. We provide a detailed article outlining how PNSP is formulated here, and PNSP rankings from previous years can be found here. Below are a few highlights for the 2020 NBA Draft Class, and a listing of each player’s PNSP.

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Hammer The Over Vikings NFC Championship Preview

DIGGS. SIDELINE. TOUCHDOWN. UNBELIEVABLE. Evan is back on the podcast to join Tom and Fred in reliving the Minneapolis Miracle. The guys recap the game Sunday and give a full preview of the matchup with Philadelphia. Evan also gives a 5 minute breakdown of what it’s like to ride the bus everyday.

Hammer The Over Minnesota Vikings

Tom and Fred embark on their first episode without Evan just in time to whip themselves into a frenzy before the Vikes first playoff game. They break down the position by position matchups against the Saints and their overall state of mind heading into the playoffs. They also touch on the Wolves recent hot streak and Fred tries to give the full President Trump life timeline in his 5 minutes of research.

Hammer The Over Minnesota Snow and Israel-Palestine

The guys discuss the recent snow fall in Minnesota and why everyone forgets how to drive in the snow every winter. With the Vikings atop the NFC standings, everyone is all in on the potential Super Bowl run… optimism is at an all time high which means heart break is impending. Evan does his 5 minutes of research on Israel-Palestine relations and the guys break down the unwritten rules of ordering at Chipotle.

Man vs Model – Week 7

What a week that was. Vikings win, Packers are dead, and Fred went 3-0 against the model. Put some serious distance between myself and the machine (read: 4 wins). Gonna be even sweeter when I stuff the model in a locker on back to back weeks. I’ve got the model on the ropes, now it’s time to start hammering away. As my father would always say to the 10-year-old hockey players he was coaching, “You’ve got your skate on their throat, now press.” Let’s cook.
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Team Defense Projections Week 7

Below are our projected Team Defensive Fantasy Points (based on ESPN Standard Scoring) for Week 7 of the 2017 NFL Season. These projections are from a model that takes into account a number of variables including team and player offensive and defensive metrics, situational factors in the game (such as, indoors or outdoors, divisional game, days of rest, and more), and lastly overall team rating measured by statistics such as our Elo Ratings. Continue reading Team Defense Projections Week 7