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Freelance Friday: Being a Minnesota Sports Fan

Hello and welcome to the very first installment of Freelance Friday here at Model 284. In an effort to try to encourage the production of more creative content for our readers to enjoy, some of us will be embarrassing ourselves via the written word once a week through this platform. The powers that be at Model 284 have given us the green light to write about pretty much anything we want in these Friday installations and I could think of no better way to kick this off than to try my best to explain what it’s like to be a Minnesota sports fan. With the Vikings entering the playoffs after an unforgettable 13-3 regular season as the Vegas favorite to represent the NFC in what would be a home Super Bowl, I felt there was no time like the present to discuss some of the things that make being a Minnesota sports fan so unique, terrible, confusing, infuriating, soul crushing, etc. Continue reading Freelance Friday: Being a Minnesota Sports Fan

Hammer The Over NFL Preview with Eric Eager

The guys welcome Dr Eric Eager of PFF back to the podcast to discuss the wild card round of the playoffs and PFF’s playoff predictions. Tom gives his two minutes of Vikings talk after clinching a first round bye in the playoff. Segments include 5 minutes of research and Unwritten Rules of New Years resolutions.

Hammer The Over FF Playoffs and Origins of Christmas

CEO Sam Walczak fills in for Tom as the guys celebrate the Vikings NFC North division title and the downfall of the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Model contributor Owen Goodwalt joins the pod to talk fantastic football playoffs. Segments include unwritten rules of Christmas gifts, 5 minutes of research on the origin of Christmas Day, and the overs of the week.

Man vs Model – Week 15

What’s that saying? Water always finds its’ level? Well, after a 6-0 effort my last time on the keyboard I put up a goose egg last week. 0-6. That one hurts. Flying high as hell, thinking I’m the cats meow, and the gambling gods bitch slapped me right back to the stone age. Hate to see it happen to anyone, but especially to myself. But like I seem to say pretty much every week, you gotta just keep your nose to the grind stone and get right back on the horse.
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Hammer The Over Net Neutrality and Star Wars

The guys find themselves in an unfamiliar place this week – discussing a Vikings loss. They all cover Aaron Rodgers’ return from injury, the Wolves, and the Giancarlo Stanton trade. CEO and Star Wars super fan Sam Walczak comes on to discuss the Last Jedi and Fred does his 5 minutes of research on net neutrality.

Man vs Model – Week 14

I’d like to apologize for the absence of the Man vs Model last week – it was my brother’s wedding weekend and as second in line to the best man I had my hands full with responsibility. Really no excuse though so you all have my sincerest apologies… HOWEVAAAAAHHH, the week before last I had my first perfect week going 3-0 against the model and 3-0 on my additional picks. As my grandfather always said “even a blind pig finds a truffle.” Honestly no idea why a pig would be in search of a truffle but the point stands.
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Hammer The Over Bitcoin, Weddings, and Vikes Super Bowl

The boys are back after a thanksgiving break to discuss all things Vikings, Wolves, and Wild. Tom gives Fred some helpful tips on the unwritten rules of wedding etiquette. Economic correspondent Connor Quinn calls in to give his expert advice on how to handle the Bitcoin craze and the guys give their overs of the week.

Hammer The Over Pulse of the Wolves

The guys (sans Tom) give their weekly breakdown of the quarterback situation in Minnesota. With Case playing well last weekend it’s his job for another week, but Teddy is certainly breathing down his neck. They also touch in on the wolves, wild, and why Lebron needs to be consulted about anything and everything that happens in the NBA. Special guest appearance from CEO Sam Walczak who has his finger on the pulse of the Target Center before the Wolves take on the Spurs on Wednesday night.

Hammer The Over NashVegas and Daylights Savings

Evan, Tom, and Fred are back after Evan and Tom survived their weekend in Nashvegas. The guys do a deep dive into the Teddy Bridgewater situation and all that his activation means going forward for the Vikes. They also touch on the Wolves and Wild and weigh in on this whole “daylight savings” situation.
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Hammer The Over Vikes, Wolves, Wild

The guys do their best to balance their Minnesota fandom with the success of the Vikings and the early season struggles of the Timberwolves and Wild. The recap the first week of NBA action and touch in on the World Series. Segments include Over of the Week and Unwritten Rules.