Man vs Model – Week 14

I’d like to apologize for the absence of the Man vs Model last week – it was my brother’s wedding weekend and as second in line to the best man I had my hands full with responsibility. Really no excuse though so you all have my sincerest apologies… HOWEVAAAAAHHH, the week before last I had my first perfect week going 3-0 against the model and 3-0 on my additional picks. As my grandfather always said “even a blind pig finds a truffle.” Honestly no idea why a pig would be in search of a truffle but the point stands.

Minnesota vs Carolina | Model Says: Carolina +2.5

If you’ve had the Vikes against the spread every week this year you’re not only insane but also a very rich man. The boys from up north are not only 10-2 in real life, they are also 10-2 against the spread (arguably more real life than their actual record). While Carolina on the road is a tough matchup, I just can’t get myself to steer away from my Vikings. Add in that juicy half point under the field goal and I love this line.
Final Prediction: Minnesota -2.5

New York Giants vs Cowboys | Model Says: Under 41.5

Eli is back and he’s coming for the Cowboys. Gotta think the younger Manning brother comes out slinging this week and puts some points on the board to show the league he’s still got it. On the other side of the ball, the Cowboys can’t afford to slip up if they want in the postseason so I think they’ll bring the noise as well. Points for everyone.
Final Prediction: Over 41.5

Pittsburgh vs Baltimore | Model Says: Baltimore +6

Is Baltimore good? Well, it’s hard to say. Joe Flacco and the boys from Maryland have been hot lately but I can’t remember a game in which the Ravens went into Pitt and didn’t get spanked (don’t look that up, odds are they beat them on the road last year). I’m taking Big Ben and the Steelers as they ramp up for playoff football.
Final Prediction: Pitt -6

Additional Picks

Cleveland +3 vs. Green Bay: Come on Brownies give me this one. I would LOVE to see the 0-12 Browns effectively end the Packers season. That would be the cherry on top of the most enjoyable NFL season I’ve witnessed since 2009.

Seattle +3 vs. Jacksonville: If you told me before the season that there would be a game in which a Seahawks team led by a healthy Russell Wilson would be underdogs against the Jacksonville Jaguars I would have given you literally all of my money to put on Seattle. I still think the Jags aren’t ready to hang with the big dogs so that’s where my money is going.

Cleveland vs Green Bay Under 40.5: Brett Hundley meet Deshone Kizer (insert Spiderman gif of himself looking at himself). No chance these two teams can put up 41. They may not even cross each other’s 50-yard line.

That’s it for this week.

Fred: 18 Model: 13
Total Record: 28-30-4