2016 NFL Playoff Predictions

We use team statistics from the regular season to predict win probabilities and point spreads for NFL playoff games. We have a number of different models that are used to predict each game, and we build off of the first round matchups to create predictions all the way through the super bowl. Below are our predictions for this year’s playoffs.

  • Each model consists of different variables and/or modeling techniques.
  • Model 1 historically has the highest percentage of games predicted correctly at 71.4%.
  • Model 4 has identified the most Super Bowl Champions (picks Seattle this year) and correctly selected Denver as the 2015 Super Champion. Click Here for Model 4‘s 2015 predictions.
  • New England and Pittsburgh are the class of the AFC. New England and Pittsburgh are the AFC Championship game in 4 of the 5 models.
  • The NFC is a fight between Atlanta, Dallas and Seattle.